Castaway Island, Fiji & Sydney Vacation Tour: Luxuries of Oceania

A 10 day trip to Australia & Fiji 
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Bask in the sunshine on the edge of a secluded resort overlooking soothing turquoise waters. The breeze rustles through the leaves and cools your skin. Sit in a luxurious restaurant overlooking a lavish opera house with a ceiling resembling a network of sails. Your custom-tailored luxuries of Oceania vacation tour takes you to the enchanting shores Castaway Island, Fiji and Sydney, Australia, where you can soak up the sun and the culture, the beachside ambiance and cosmopolitan life. Pass over coral reefs and stroll alongside protected forest making sure every day bursts with luxury and unparalleled beauty.

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General Information

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Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Fiji - Viti Levu, Nadi, Mamanuca Islands, Monuriki

Australia – Sydney, Blue Mountains  

Departure Dates 

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Tropical Beginnings

Fiji is an island nation known for lush tropical rainforest and glassy turquoise waters. The breeze carries the sweet aromas of coconut, pineapple, and papaya. Palm trees linger over gold sand beaches providing patches of shade from the afternoon sun. You arrive at Nadi International Airport where your private transfer is waiting. You soon step aboard a boat at Port Denarau. The boat carries you over the idyllic waters. The ocean mist splashes up and feels refreshing against your cheeks.

The breeze is comfortably cool. You arrive at your award-winning retreat, a private island with encircling white beaches and vibrant coral reefs. You room is a traditional thatched bungalow, blending into the central tropical rainforest brushing against the sand the outlying sand. The island encompasses 174 acres of land blending modern comfort with natural splendor. After your flight you can nestle into your luxurious accommodation and listen to the sound of the water quietly lapping at the shore.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation

Day 2: Seaside Exploration

In the morning, you find the enticing aroma of tropical fruits calling you to breakfast. The restaurant is situated under a thatched roof with open sides, offering you an unparalleled view to the pristine water. Green coconuts dangle from the outlying palm trees. People are already dipping their toes into the Pacific and head out onto the water with kayaks. After breakfast you follow the soothing call of the ocean, grabbing snorkeling gear, and venturing out to the reefs surrounding the island. When you step into the water you let the gentle current lead you deeper. The crystal clear surface is engaging.

You put on your goggles, fix your snorkel in place, and let the water embrace you. Within swimming distance of the shore is a sensational reef brimming with marine life. The colors are visible from the surface, shining bright red, orange, yellow, and large swaths of pink. There are almost 1,200 different types of fish around Fiji’s reefs. Soft coral rises up like the trees and sways in the drifting water. Hard coral stands firm like a colorful, craggy mountaintop, porous but strong. When you return to shore the sand is now hot beneath your feet, but the water remains on your skin in sporadic pearls cooling you down during the island afternoon.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 3: Following the Water

The sunlight spreads across the South Pacific creating a shimmer across the crystal water. After breakfast, you step aboard a private speedboat to discover the beauty of the Mamanuca Island group at your leisure. The waters mist through the air cast upwards by the boat and into the wind. The breeze is swift and luxurious. Weigh anchor at Modriki, the island used as the setting for the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks. The island is approximately 660 yards wide and surrounded by coral reefs on all sides.

The rainforest becomes dense beyond the sparkling white beaches, reaching up to the island’s highest point at 584 feet above sea level. When you step aboard the coast the sand is a fine powder overlaying sporadic volcanic rocks. A lagoon shimmers opulent azure. The aroma of coconut blends with the seaside scent. Fiji crusted iguanas laze on the volcanic rocks on colder days, absorbing the sunlight. White stripes decorate their bright green bodies and stand out against the dark craggy stones. When the wind sweeps through the trees you feel completely at ease in the quiet luxury of the uninhabited island.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 4: Time along the Reef

The island rises with the sun and you quickly find yourself aboard a 28-foot dive boat fully equipped with all the scuba gear you could ever need. The morning air is refreshingly crisp. With over 30 dive sites in close proximity to the resort you are guaranteed an incredible time exploring the subaquatic world. Dressed in a wetsuit with your tank strapped to your back you enter the water with a small splash. You follow your guide down below making your way to Tavarua Wall, a stunning earthen frame overflowing with lavish hard and soft corals.

The hard coral layers off of the wall like plates as the soft coral dances in the water’s subtle movement. The colors resemble rainbow stripes, a form of aquatic tie-dye adorning the underwater rock formations. Lionfish hide near larger openings. Their tendrils move in the current like the soft coral. They can grow to almost 18 inches in length and weigh up to three pounds. Their unique tentacles attract prey with their movement, poking out from small crevices along the reef. The longer you explore the colorful underwater life, the more enchanting it becomes.  

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 5: Leisure Waters

The day takes on a remarkable freedom underneath the shady palms. Breakfast is filled with sensual fresh fruits, from succulent mango to coconut freshly picked from the trees. After breakfast, the day is yours to indulge in the island as you please. Lounge in the tropical sun, letting the warmth wrap around your skin or linger in the pristine pool near the comfortable cabanas. People play beach volleyball near the water, kicking up the powdery sand. You take one of the many paddleboards the resort offers and venture out into the nearby lagoon.

The water is so clear you can see to the seafloor while paddling along. Small fish swim in schools and scatter when your paddle touches the water. You take your time, shifting the paddle from the left to right. You glide along the water with ease, noticing the shift in the ocean’s color from light turquoise to dark blue in the distance. The horizon is clear and perfect with the occasional sailboat passing by. You take a deep breath finding the tropical air comfortable, warm, and filled with freshness.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 6: A Different Kind of Coast

At breakfast you look out to the water and watch the way the sun reflects off of the Pacific. The rippling ocean catches the sunlight like a diamond. After your meal, you step aboard your coastal transfer and return to the large island of Viti Levu for your flight to Australia. The soothing sounds of the lapping water fade away as you look out the window and find the sails of the Sydney Opera House glinting below. Sydney is a magnificent city filled with international flair, vibrant beachside culture, and a cosmopolitan modernity. Your private transfer meets you at the airport and escorts you to a luxurious hotel located in downtown.

The ambiance of the city balances coastal casualness with upscale desire, casting itself across golden beaches with open air food huts serving fresh oysters to fine dining restaurants situated on the highest level of a downtown high-rise offering lamb with mint. The Sydney Harbour Bridge arches over the water and frames the opera house. Newtown hosts the trendy artists and young students. The modern city contains hidden elements of an ancient aboriginal past commemorated in art and placards near Bondi Golf Club where rock engravings are ribbed into the sandstone. 

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, accommodation

Day 7: Wheels around Sydney

The sunrise over Sydney casts purple and orange around the harbor. The opera house reflects the light off its opulent sail-like design. After breakfast you grab a bike and begin your tour through the remarkable cityscape, steering clear of the streets, and finding plenty of exploratory pathways that lead through Royal Botanic Garden, Martin Place, and near the Manly Scenic Walkway. The western edge of the walkway is over six-miles with an exceptional view of the wealthy harbor, leading to a one-mile section of rugged Sydney Harbour National Park. The park remains untouched, similar to how the landscape looked when the first British fleet sailed past in the in the 1700s. The layered limestone rock is topped with lush grass overlooking the cobalt water. The Sydney skyline stands proudly in the distance. Sailboats cast their sails and catch the wind, traversing the harbor with elegant movement.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 8: Taking in the Shoreline

Australia conjures up images of perfectly tan bodies and blond surfers coasting on waves. This view of Sydney is alive and well at Bondi Beach, famous for its soft sands, relaxed atmosphere, and location for the hit reality television show Bondi Rescue. After breakfast, you make your way beachside and notice the current slapping at the Olympic-size swimming pool. The sand is hot under your feet. The water is refreshingly cool in its soft cobalt tint. The aroma of fish and chips emanates from the esplanade.

People lounge in the sand soaking up the sunshine. Sounds of laughter pour out of the charming coffee shops. Surfers catch small waves passing into the lagoon. Paddle boarders weave in and out of lazy swimmers. The Icebergs Dining Room and Bar offers a particular panorama overlooking the water and the vibrant beachcombing lifestyle. The posh interior is reminiscent of a mansion in Malibu, California. Tables line the balconies. The scent of fresh prawns poached in butter blends into the seaside atmosphere. In the afternoon, you return to the harbor and board a lavish ship to watch the sun drift past the horizon, complete with flute of sparkling wine in hand.  

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 9: Once Time into the Bush

Blue Mountains National Park offers over 662,000 acres of protected land, embracing the scenery of forest-clad valleys edging onto the foothills, and rising into flat mountaintops. After breakfast, you make your way out of the cityscape and into nature, located just 50 miles west of Sydney. The national park isn’t in fact mountains at all but a series of uplifted plateaus carved by a collection of meandering rivers. The Eastern Highlands create the Great Dividing Range, the third largest land-based mountain range in the world, running 2,175 miles long. The coastal breeze fades to a verdant forest atmosphere.

Walking paths coil along the underbrush leading beneath the forest canopy and alongside hidden waterfalls. You spot the Three Sisters towering over the valley floor in a celebrated formation of unforgettable karsts. The boulders have always held a cultural significance for the Aboriginal people. The tallest boulder stands at 3,042 feet above sea level, carved by erosion of the soft sandstone from wind and rain. In the drifting afternoon, the sunlight casts a red glow off of the protruding stones. The natural splendor of the plateau follows you back to Sydney, where in the evening you can delight on a hidden gourmet gem Salt Meats Cheese, located in a warehouse in the neighborhoods of Alexandria.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 10: Bye, Bye Australia

The morning light layers the horizon with colors once again bouncing off of the Sydney Opera House. The edifice was designed to look like sails rising and catching the ocean breeze. You sit down to breakfast and remember the past days with fondness, taking you from pristine waters to rugged mountain plateau and back again, tropical rainforests and cosmopolitan cuisine. After breakfast, your private transfer meets you at the hotel to escort you to the airport for your flight home. You could always extend your vacation, letting yourself indulge in the enchanting Australian experience a little longer.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer


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