A Romantic Getaway Tour to New Zealand and Australia

A 17 day trip to Australia & New Zealand 
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New Zealand and Australia harmoniously combine two paradigms of a vacation romance. They offer pure escapism and a chance to get lost in the world's most spectacular landscapes. But they also provide shared journeys to renowned destinations and a myriad of unique experiences. Deserted beaches, fjords, uninhabited islands, iconic cities, vineyards, endemic wildlife… this romantic getaway to Australia and New Zealand blends absolute private bliss with an inimitability you can't find anywhere else on the planet.

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General Information

Panoramic view of the Bay of Islands, New Zealand
Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Bay of Islands, Hawke's Bay, Napier, Queenstown, Fiordland National Park, Milford Sound, Sydney, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Fraser Island, Melbourne, Great Ocean Road

Departure Dates 

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Welcome to New Zealand and the Bay of Islands

New Zealand's wilderness has many sides. There's the evocation of Middle Earth, the rugged alpine scenery, iconic volcanic leftovers, and the tropical bliss of uninhabited islands. On this trip, you'll be immersed in it all, and it begins with perhaps the most surprising; the tropical delights of the Bay of Islands. Land at Kerikeri Airport in the north of the country, and any travel aches are soon soothed by the elegant topography. Gaze out from your villa at world-famous Eagle's Nest and the 144 islands that dot the bay, their white beaches resplendent against a backdrop of vivid green. Take a dip into the private heated horizon edge pool and admire the panorama, before a sumptuous three-course dinner is served on your personal terrace. Intimate, serene, enchanting; this first stop is just a taste of what's to come.

What's Included: airport transfer, accommodation

Days 2 - 3: Majestic Private Yacht Trip Through the Bay of Islands

Secluded bays hide behind rich coatings of the forest, hidden beaches rarely see human eyes, and tropical reefs lay just below the sapphire surface... the Bay of Islands offer a captivating expanse of untamed beauty. Experience it all in regal style with your own private yacht, a 72-foot cruiser picking a route to the most untouched and concealed islands. An expert skipper and personal chef are also on board, one revealing the hidden marine delights and the other concocting an innovative menu dictated by your tastes. They're both discreet and stay well in the background, ensuring that you have the whole boat for personal romantic revelry. Laze away on the majestic outdoor deck, grab the snorkeling gear and swim into the azure waters, and survey the luxuriant interiors of the en-suite master bedroom.

This elegant means of escape is an idyllic way to soak up New Zealand's natural wonder in all its tranquil beauty. As evening comes around you anchor in a calm bay, with no other boats or people breaking the immersion in nature. You decide the route your yacht takes; after all, this is your boat for two days. Choose to tour uninhabited islets far from the mainland, journey to the best marine parks, or cut down the sailing time and explore uninhabited islands with postcard-perfect beaches.

What's Included: private yacht excursion, all meals, accommodation

Day 4: A Helicopter Ride to The Romantic Bliss of Hawke's Bay

New Zealand's stunning panorama of landscapes is magnificently revealed from the air. Meandering rivers dissect expansive forests, mountains always seem to snake along the horizon, and a tapestry of green hills and farmland provide the gentle contrast. Today you helicopter over this aesthetic brilliance, the chopper's low cruising altitude ensuring endless panoramas and intimate details. You'll cross the whole of the North Island, flying above Middle Earth and admiring a landscape virtually untouched by concrete. Touch down in Hawke's Bay. With thunderous surf roaring beneath the cliffs, and a concoction of forests and farmland rolling into the distance, this quaint retreat is your base for the next two days. You'll be sleeping in a charming traditional cottage and soaking up the gentle pace of rural New Zealand.

What's Included: helicopter ride to Hawke's Bay, accommodation, breakfast, dinner

Day 5: An Indulgent Vineyard Tour and Famed Culinary Delights

This cute corner of New Zealand is perhaps its most famous for sensual treats. Today you journey through the vast vineyards and boutique wineries, stopping to indulge in the finest bottles the nation has to offer. Chardonnay is the renowned standout, aided by long summer days and the cool ocean breeze, and taking on crisp notes of fragrant summer fruits. But Hawke's Bay revels in innovation and experimentation. Try Pinot Noir in charming stone cottages, sample Cabernet Sauvignon on artistic vineyard terraces, and visit five to six vineyards during the day. Supplementing the liquid goodness are further treats for the palate, and an organic tasting lunch is included. Like all journeys in New Zealand, expect to see few other people on the road, and have thousands of potential stops for glorious landscape photographs. Return to the country estate and tonight's dinner includes the very freshest New Zealand lamb.

What's Included: guided tour, accommodation, all meals

Day 6: The Dazzling Beauty of Queenstown

Cross to New Zealand's South Island and the landscape becomes imbued with drama. Mountains rise higher, their triangular peaks reflected in gaping lakes, and the soothing patchwork is replaced with redolent fjords and alpine vistas. After the islands and rural greenery of the North, you land in Queenstown, surrounded by precipitous mountains and the sublime Lake Wakatipu. It's a one-hour drive to Rotorua Airport, and then a couple of hours by domestic flight to reach Queenstown. The rest of the day is deliberately left free. Walk hand in hand along the pebbled lakeshore, take the cable car to a stunning summit above the town, and wander the quaint streets of this quiet secluded town.

Elevating the romance is an evening meal at one of the country's oldest and most celebrated restaurants. Spoil yourself in the cozy ambiance as their famed degustation menu is served in the exclusive wine library. Your Queenstown hotel is equally historic and atmospheric, as you've got an opulent suite at one of the finest luxury hotels.

What's Included: airport transfers, domestic flight, accommodation, breakfast, dinner

Day 7: Shared Adventures in the Fiordlands

Exploring the wilderness has an intrepid twist in Queenstown. Today is one of those destinations with unique experiences that neither of you is likely to have encountered before. Board a jet boat and cling on to the rails, as you hurtle through a glacial river, the skilled pilot skillfully passing by stark canyon walls and propelling the boat into 360-degree spins. Then run down a steep mountain slope above Queenstown and suddenly your feet leave the ground. You're flying, parasailing to be exact, a tandem pilot carving a route above the sapphire lake and between the white tinged summits. Return to Queenstown and spend the whole evening reliving the memories of adventures in the fjords.

What's Included: accommodation, breakfast

Day 8: A Helicopter Journey and Surreal Milford Sound

Every fjord is special, but Milford Sound can claim elevated bragging rights for beauty. A narrow channel of glacial water rolls between 4000-feet vertical mountains, seals and dolphins jump out of the blue waters, and thunderous waterfalls magically cascade out of the cliffs. After a glass-ceilinged coach journey over spectacular mountain passes, you board a cruise ship and coast out into Milford Sound. A layer of mist often hangs in the distance, a further dose of hypnotism to supplement the natural wonder on your 90-minute cruise.

Your journey back to Queenstown is equally spectacular. First the helicopter swoops low through Milford Sound, cutting between the mountains and then turning 180 degrees as it reaches the Tasman Sea. The pilot ascends, coasting across the seemingly endless myriad of individual sounds and fjords. Land in the wilderness and you couldn't be any further from civilization. Not even intrepid hiking trails make it to this untamed glacier in the Fiordlands. If ever there was a place to repeat your love, it's here, lost in a complete panorama of peaks and standing on a white glacial blanket. There's another hour of aerial astonishment as you fly back to Queenstown. Ensuring the romantic revelry isn't interrupted, a luxury chauffeur takes you from the helipad to the finest waterfront restaurant and a chic evening of unforgettable seafood.

What's Included: luxury cruise, helicopter tour, all meals, accommodation

Day 9: First Impressions of Iconic Sydney

Fly west this morning, a direct flight taking you across the water that separates two island nations. Arrive in Sydney, and after a luxury chauffeur takes you to the central luxury hotel, the rest of the day is left free for your exploration. You'll quickly discover the enchanting attractions of Darling Harbour, the boats providing a soothing focal point to every photo. Just around the corner are more renowned sights: admire the dazzling white sails of the Sydney Opera House, wander the historic streets of The Rocks, and explore the harmonious juxtaposition of gleaming skyscrapers and colonial remains. Despite its fame and size, Sydney is relatively simple to navigate and explore together.

What's Included: airport transfers, domestic flight, accommodation

Day 10: Sydney Bridge Climb and Luxury Evening Dinner Cruise

As the sun casts a glistening glow upon the Opera House sails, you're making tentative footsteps skyward. With each step, the Sydney buildings become smaller, and the panoramas reach further. You're walking together on the steel spine of the city, climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge and indulging in one of Australia's unique experiences. Look right for ocean views, gaze left for urbanity blending with greenery, down below for boats sailing along Parramatta River, and glance straight ahead for indelible views of the Sydney cityscape. After you reach the summit, return down the opposite archway and remember to kiss for the camera on this renowned monument.

A different panorama is afforded this evening, your luxury boat sailing beneath the bridge and along the Parramatta River. A sumptuous dinner is served on the elegant top deck, the culinary brilliance accompanied by the quaint delights of watching the Sydney lights flickering on one by one. This luxuriant evening cruise is perhaps the finest way to tour the city, the deck offering views of all the famous sights, but without the traffic noise or other tourists. There are just a few tables on board, so expect plenty of space for this memorable amorous treat.

What's Included: guided tour, luxury evening dinner boat cruise, accommodation

Days 11 – 13: Deserted Beach Paradise on Fraser Island

It seems almost automatic that a romantic escape should feature beach bliss. The next three days fulfill this promise as you're catapulted from city charms to the astounding splendor of Fraser Island. Sandbanks cover the island, explorable only by foot or by Land Rover. Hidden beaches are so white they almost blind the eyes, and the ocean juxtaposes rainforest and mangroves. And while it's true that private getaways often feature a beach paradise, it's rare that this comes in the form of the planet's largest sand island and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Settle into a private luxury beach house. A veranda offers stunning ocean views; the forests dazzle in the background, and a white sand beach stands just below your front door.

After the direct flight from Sydney to Hervey Bay, it's a short boat journey to your beach house. For the next three days, you're free to enjoy this beach paradise. Laze away the days or choose from a range of activities that explore the island. A guided Land Rover trip is included, and it's the best way to appreciate the enormity of this island of sand.

What's Included: domestic flight, airport transfers, boating excursions, accommodation, guided tours

Day 14: Australia's Cultural Hub – Melbourne

Your final stop is Melbourne, Australia's cultural heart and home to three distinct days of experiences. Today is free for you to stroll through the enchantment; alleyways are filled with cute cafes and boutique shops, colonial remains stand proudly between glass-fronted skyscrapers and opulent restaurants flank the Yarra River that divides the city in two. While Sydney's sights are well known and well marketed, Melbourne revels in its hidden charms, exuding a sleepy atmosphere that belies the city's size. Watch the city lights come on from a luxurious suite above the city at your luxury hotel, and soak up an ambiance of gentle serenity.

What's Included: domestic flight, airport transfers, accommodation

Day 15: A Journey Along the Great Ocean Road

Snaking southwest from Melbourne is a coastline of rugged brilliance and untamed charm. Beaches stand empty beneath virgin rainforest; koalas cling to trees above the sand, fishing villages feel like a journey back in time, and bays are dominated by precipitous cliffs. It's all held together by the Great Ocean Road, a fabulous piece of tarmac that winds along this enigmatic coastline. A small group tour takes you along this famed route, and there are dozens of stops for inimitable landscape photos. Journey to the Twelve Apostles, sandstone rock pinnacles that stand like giant's fingers lost in the ocean. Continue to London's Bridge, a rocky outcrop surrounded by short walking trails along splendid ocean cliffs. And then return to Melbourne and get dropped at what is considered perhaps the city's best fine dining restaurant. A four-course dinner is included, complete with elegant atmosphere and French-inspired flavors.

What's Included: guided tour, accommodation, all meals

Day 16: Searching for Marsupials in the Wild

With this being a romantic escape, meeting the locals hasn't featured high on the itinerary. Today you say hello to two famous residents. Actually, you will probably meet hundreds of these marsupial residents as you explore the wilderness just outside Melbourne. Koalas are naturally bashful and quiet, hiding amongst the eucalyptus branches deep in the forest. Koala trackers have been out in the bush all morning, aiding your wildlife search by noting the GPS locations of the cute marsupials. Lucid eyes gaze down from the branches; a large yawn is redolent of the koalas' sleeping habits, and the cute smiles seem to be ubiquitous.

After lunch, it's another marsupial you're out to find, this time, one of the hopping variety. Spot the kangaroos on the grass plains and approach slowly, a few steps at a time ensuring that the congregation isn't fearful of your presence. Males box each other on hind legs, a female's provocative scent attracts a few eager followers, and barely a second goes by without a few kangaroos skipping across the field. Those with patience and an ability to stay silent can come to within phenomenal proximity of these endemic beauties.

What's Included: guided tour, accommodation, breakfast, lunch

Day 17: Fond Farewells to an Enchanting Continent

It's time to say farewell to this enchanting continent and fly back across the Pacific. Check out the camera roll and spend the whole plane journey discussing which were the ultimate highlights from this diverse getaway.

What’s Included: breakfast, airport transfer


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