Luxury Tour of Spain for Families

A 14 day trip to Spain 
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The best education is the kind that children don’t even know they are receiving. Capture the beauty of Spain on this vacation tailored to your family’s desires and the wealth of history that sweeps across the landscape. Witness the charming white villages of Andalusia and stroll along the hilly cobblestone streets of Toledo. Admire the fairytale architecture of Gaudi and explore the storybook castle in Segovia. The wonders of Spain will captivate the entire family, filled with treasured palaces and prancing horses, historic battles and fabulous flavors. 

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General Information

spain granada tour of the inside of the alhamabra
Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Barcelona, Madrid, Segovia, Toledo, Granada, Ronda, Arcos de la Frontera, Jerez de la Frontera, Seville

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Family Comes First

Your luxury travel begins in Barcelona, a city unlike any other in the world and it practically vibrates with energy. It resembles an avant-garde wonderland, with world-class museums and unique architecture. The Mediterranean Sea brushes against the shores. The family arrives and your private transfer meets you at the airport. It is easy to settle into the city, with its charm and relaxed pace layered beneath the vibrant atmosphere.

Your guide meets you at your hotel to help bring the city to life. The “Block of Discord,” is an area along the Passeig de Grácia noted for its sensational modernist architecture designed by four celebrated architects. You notice the differences of each house easily. The playful designs fascinate and intrigue the entire family. Casa Lleó-Morera contains ornate balconies that protrude from the rounded street corner. The balconies layer the building until reaching the rooftop. Each veranda is decorated with intricate designs, from regal dragons to blossoming flowers. Your introduction to Barcelona is both beautiful and elegant.

What’s Included: transfer, tour, accommodation

Day 2: Taking in the Sights

Barcelona’s energy is endless. The streets are active with locals and visitors until the early morning hours. When the nightly bustle wanes you can listen to the water lap against the shore in the pristine morning. After breakfast the family meets your guide once again, ready to venture out into the historic streets of the city. La Rambla is Barcelona’s most famous street, known as a window into the Catalan culture. The narrow lanes are lined with trees and the central boulevard is streaming with pedestrians. Artists decorate the pavement with rich chalk murals. Mimes provide silent entertainment for passersby.

Wandering through the wondrous streets of the city is as inspiring as strolling through the museums themselves. The history and wealth of artistry in the open air delights the children. They don’t even realize that they’re learning. Arrive at Park Guell. The park was constructed in 1900 and stretches almost two miles. A mosaic dragon guards the entrance steps. The tiles shimmer with exorbitant color. 88 stone columns create a forest of stone, some leaning, others standing tall and holding up the undulating ceiling. Images of vivacious suns adorn plates that decorate the roof. Your footsteps echo and the kids and awed at the immense playfulness that history can provide.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 3: Where Kids Can Be Royalty

Madrid is home to the largest royal palace in all of Europe. After breakfast your private transfer takes you to the train station. The children are excited to board the train and watch the countryside expand before them. When you reach Madrid you find the capital city filed with major monuments and classy boulevards. The entire family is easily swept up by Madrid’s enthusiasm; from art to food, and a well of political history that dates back to the 16th century.

The Royal Palace was inaugurated in the 18th century and contains 2,800 rooms over an expanse of 1,450,000 square feet. Your children audibly gasp when they enter the main stairway. The grandeur of the entryway is a statement of imperial power. The marbled halls are cacophonous and the lion statues are regal. The elegant neoclassical design brings a flourish of light and design, highlighted by the porthole windows that provide natural sun to shine through. Every step takes you deeper into the lavish décor of history and the modern connection to Spain’s royalty.  

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, tour, accommodation

Day 4: The Marvels of Madrid

It’s as if the capital city never sleeps. The energetic streets are always jovial and grandiloquent, a representation of the culture that has spanned centuries. Your guide once again meets you at your hotel and you journey through the streets of Madrid in search of its majesty; you don’t have to wander far. The Prado is one of the world’s largest art galleries with more than 7,000 paintings and 1,000 sculptures. The Main Wing resembles the façade of a royal palace. Statues sit in niches beneath an upper layer of pillars and glistening windows.

The cavernous halls light up with artistic history and inspiration. The immaculate interior displays the splendor of Spanish and European masters with art that dates back to Ancient Egypt. The sheer size of the museum, the scale of the artwork, and even the colors at play, will fascinate the children. Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez was completed in 1656. Its size is as admirable as its realistic depiction of graceful girls. It captures the Spanish court and offers a complex but captivating view of royal life.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 5: City with a Legend

Segovia is a town outside of Madrid said to have been founded by Hercules. Your day trip to the small city takes you through the countryside and brings you to the base of the remains of a Roman monument. Warm terracotta and sandstone coloration emanates from the rolling hills. The Sierra de Guadarrama Mountains provide a perfect backdrop for a town that resembles a storybook. The aqueduct was built in the 1st century and reaches a length of 2,933 feet. The supporting arches rise almost 92 feet above ground.

Modern life is set inside and around the historic structures that continue to inhabit the city. The fairytale view continues when you spot the Alacázar, an Arab fortress turned Spanish castle. The turrets rise above the citadel like towers holding captive princesses. The Sala de las Piñas contains almost 400 stalactites shaped like pineapples. The lofted ceilings provide ample air to brush through the rooms and hallways. From the courtyard you can look out to the hills that roll to the mountainside on the horizon.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 6: Back to Medieval Times 

The great city of Toledo is a collection of history set within each stone that makes up the streets, walls, churches, and homes. The city holds over 500 years of a remarkable past, constructed on the rolling hills to create a meandering cobblestoned spiral. Your day trip from Madrid shortly has you looking over the banks of the River Tajo. The famous Sinagoga del Tránsito was constructed in the 14th century. The scent of burning candles and incense linger in the main prayer hall.

The room is filled with elaborate Moorish décor. Hebrew inscriptions inscribe the walls that praise the king and quote psalms. The east wall is bordered with intricately connected leaves. The women’s gallery watches over the entire main hall, for a traditional separation between the men and women during a religious ceremony. In the evening the city lights up with floodlights. The atmosphere drifts from historical landmark to modern joviality. The streets look more like an imagined painting than a livable city.  

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 7: In Search of Windmills

The area around Granada has been known as a region of windmills ever since Cervantes wrote Don Quixote. After breakfast you will make the journey south towards the famous hills of Granada and the charming countryside that encompasses the region. The aroma of saffron drifts through the air. The landscape shimmers with golden grass.  Whitewashed windmills rise over plateaus. Their wide wings twist and turn in the breeze. Arrive in Granada and find a youthful, yet traditional culture, where the Islamic past is a much more tangible present. The Sierra Nevada snowcapped peaks dominate the horizon. The coast lingers nearby. The streets wind in a majestic, unnavigable labyrinth of cobblestone.

The Royal Chapel was built in the 16th century specifically to house the tombs of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. The structure maintains a Moorish quality specific to Andalusia. Spires are decorated with intricate designs and archways provide strong support and decorative pieces to enhance the chapel’s visual charm. Every child knows the story of Columbus and the patronage of Queen Isabella. They will be eager and interested to see the fabulous design of the church’s interior. Life sized statues decorate the royals’ tombs, depicting angles and workers. 

The king and queen are depicted resting, overlaying the entire scene. In the sacristy you can see Ferdinand’s sword on display, laying in the same gallery as Isabella’s scepter. 

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, tour, accommodation

Day 8: Ever-present Moorish Influence

The Alhambra rises over the meandering cobblestone streets of Granada like a beacon. You can look into the sky from almost anywhere in the city and find the grand Moorish palace complex emanating grace and artistry. Today you will tour through the Alhambra grounds and discover the elegant architecture and remaining captivating quintessence. The complex was converted to a palace in the 14th century and contains a series of palaces that sprout from surrounding trees. The aromas of cypress and elm drift around the complex.

The walls glisten in the sunlight. The central palace radiates as the pinnacle of design, a place dedicated to space, light, shade, water, and greenery. Mosaics decorate the grounds. The ceilings are vaulted with honeycomb design. Calligraphy transforms inscribed words into geometric patterns. Large niches create alcove that were once filled with water pitchers. The children are captivated by the space and the remarkable design, almost unable to fathom how anyone could have constructed such a wondrous complex over 500 years ago.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 9: The Splendid Vista

Ronda is a city that sits alongside a spectacular gorge. The Puente Nuevo is an 18th century bridge that stands 390 feet above the canyon floor. The layered arches support the depth and weight of the bridge with a flair. The old town hall is next to the bridge provides insight into the historic years of the city. The limestone cliff offers you a view of the vast expanse of golden hills and distant mountains. The streets are quaint and historic, paved with cobblestones and filled with a sleep ambiance. The view is tremendous and the town is the setting for a famous scene in Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls.

The village claims to be the home of modern day bullfighting and is home to the Real Maestranza bullring, one of the oldest in Spain. The bullring was constructed in the 18th century and can hold up to 5,000 people. An arched colonnade encircles the ring. The sandy ground glows with a golden flourish. The cries of past bull fights echo throughout the historic grounds. Stroll through the city and find even more history to marvel the family. The Arabic walls and city gates ensured Ronda as an impregnable city, coinciding with its geographical position. The Murallas del Carmen sets the scene of historic events and future fiestas. The thick stone creates towering parapets and deep arches. You can see history at work, enriching the lives of locals and your children’s imaginations.  

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, tour, accommodation

Day 10: The White Villages of the Countryside

The Andalusian countryside is rich with lush hillsides and towering mountains. The valleys are blessed with rich soil. The cobblestone streets and medieval walls of Ronda fade behind you and you make your way deeper through the landscape. A small, calm river passes along the foothills. The water reflects the surrounding landscape. An olive grove sweeps into the distance. Venture into the grove for a fabulous tour that provides the secrets to one of Spain’s longest running traditions, olive oil. Your guide takes you along the orchard.

The trees are tall and thick. The olives are plump as they dangle from the branches. The scent of rich earth fills the air. The family follows your guide around the grounds. You are shown the olive press and the barrels until you come to a comfortable tasting room. A variety of olive oils are on display. The entire family smiles: they are happy to taste the different flavors and creamy textures of each sample. Continue on To Arcos de la Frontera.

The town couldn’t be any more immaculate. The white walls tower over the cliffside. The city’s historic walls and streets date back to an 11th century kingdom. The old quarter decorates the upper reaches of the citadel in a maze of cobbled streets and remarkable 18th century palaces. The Plaza del Cabildo is the heart of the old city, filled with antique buildings and a remarkable view of the River Guadalete. The Castillo de los Duques frames the coveted views out to the fields and meandering mountains on the horizon.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 11: Caring for the Horses

The charm of Arcos de la Frontera is as emphatic in the morning as it was the previous evening. You can experience the panorama in a new light, watching the sun spread over the landscape. The family rises and you make your way to Jerez de la Frontera for the day. The city encompasses the culture and history of the Andalusia region, known for its horses, cherry, and flamenco. The entire family will marvel at the Moorish history captured in the 11th century fortress. The single large turret rises over the gardens of the old palace. A small fountain trickles in the foreground and the aroma of freshly blossomed flowers rises in the dry air.

A strong arch of the Puerta del Arroyo welcomes you to the old center. One of the largest attractions of the city is the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. The school inhabits the grounds of an old estate, manicured and preserved to its former glory. The horseshow combines regal choreography and 18th century costumes, which displays the grace of style and tradition. The beautiful white horses perform their learned tricks accompanied with classical music. They prance and frolic around the stadium, providing a glance into imperial history and a unique art form.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 12: Family Embracing Atmosphere

The sunshine sweeps across the hillsides and you make your way from Arcos de la Frontera to the famous streets of Seville. The city contains both character and charm, emanating from the people and each neighborhood. Endless sunlight blankets the streets and the historic buildings cast shade over the walkways. The old 14th century palace stands on the hillside in a cast of palms and gardens. The neighborhood of Santa Cruz was the old Jewish Quarter. The narrow alleyways offer shade from the warm midmorning. Balconies are decorated with vibrant flowers and bougainvillea drape over the walls. The meandering walkways form a maze that the family is excited to wander in.

Then you come to the exceptional walls of the Cathedral, the third largest cathedral in the world. The basilica was built on the grounds of an old mosque, appropriating elements of the old Arab style, including the inspiring tower. The tower rises 343 feet from the ground and its base alone is 23 feet above sea level. The former minaret has maintained its 12th century décor, from the geometric shapes to the windows framed by Moorish arches. Exploring the city and the magnificent cathedral gives the family a chance to discover the riches of the city together.   

What’s Included: breakfast, dinner, tour, transfer, accommodation  

Day 13: A Family Paradise

The Guadalquivir River rushes along the edges of the city. The Royal Aclázar watches over the streets in fashionable history. After breakfast you will make your way to the old palace and witness the paradisiacal grounds. The compound was constructed primarily in the 14th century and has maintained its architectural integrity and artistry. Moorish arches are decorated with mosaics. The geometric shapes provide lavish color and design. The first courtyard takes you to the Lion Gate. A large portrait of a lion adorns and holds a cross in its claws. The kids are mesmerized by the Baths of Lady Maria de Padilla. The rainwater tanks capture natural rainfall and reflect the arch support. The length, depth, and light inside the baths make the water’s reflection look as though the room eternally extends. The gardens are picturesque, providing comfortable shade and blossoming aromas. Gazebos provide areas to lounge and the leaves quietly rustle in the breeze.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 14: Experiencing the Difference

The sun rises over the mountains and casts a spotlight on the Cathedral’s tower. The sleepy city comes to life at midmorning. The aromas of fresh Arabian coffee and Serrano ham drift around the streets. The slow flowing river encircles the Plaza de Esapaña Tiled walls decorative alcoves on the plaza’s edge and the fountain sprinkles the air with mist.

After breakfast your private transfer will meet you at the hotel. Soon your flight will return you home. You did more than explore Spain; you experienced Spain, discovered the beauty of the countryside, the energy of the cities, and absorbed the country’s enriching history on your luxury family vacation.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer

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