Hiking and Mountain Climbing in Bora Bora: An Excursion through Paradise

A 8 day trip to Tahiti 
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The best hikes lead to stunning vistas, hidden coves, and unforgettable histories; your customizable Bora Bora vacation immerses you in the adventures of island life guiding you to unconquered summits, tropical rainforest, fertile valleys, and unparalleled coastlines. Pull sweet avocadoes and colorful pineapple from the trees. As you tour Bora Bora, discover ancient temples and sanctified petroglyphs, sacred caves and archaic stones. Relish panoramas overtaking the coastline and marvelous views encompassing dramatic volcanic peaks. From coral gardens and remarkable whales to coastal defenses and blossoming tropical flowers, you will embrace the journey during your time in gorgeous Bora Bora.  

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Bora Bora 

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Bora Bora – The View of Tropical Adventure

The island of Bora Bora shimmers like a jewel in the South Pacific Sea. The lagoon glows with indigo hues against a backdrop of emerald trees and basalt mountain peaks. Hibiscuses bloom along the edges of the main town of Vaitape and through the trees of the vibrant jungle. Coconut palms soar above the white sand beaches with large fronds rustling in the sea breeze. As the flight descends into Bora Bora Airport, you can see the jagged and craggy summits of Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia. The black basalt cliffs protrude from the treetops and shimmer with silver streaks.

Your private transfer greets you upon your arrival at the airport and escorts you across the gorgeous blue lagoon to reach your luxurious resort. Relax in the comforts of your overwater bungalow, listening to the sounds of the water lapping against the wooden posts. The iconic thatched roof swishes in the gentle wind. You find the scent of pineapple blending with the semi-sweet ocean fragrance. The remainder of the day is yours to experience the pleasures of Bora Bora at your leisure. Dig your toes into the hot, white sand of your resort’s private beach. Let the refreshing waters of the lagoon lap against your skin to cool the tropical heat. You can feel the salt crystals forming on your ankles when the water retreats from the shore.

What’s Included: airport transfer, accommodation

Day 2: Bora Bora – In the Polynesian Valley of the Kings

At breakfast, you find the aromas of passion fruit and coconut accompanying the scent of refreshing, dark coffee served in a large, colorful bowl. Hibiscus and frangipani blossom beneath the towering coconut palms on shore. You meet your guide in the lobby and return to the coast of the main island to begin your exploration of the Valley of the Kings. An open 4x4 jeep leads you into the jungle terrain, rolling over unpaved roads and passing beneath the shade of dangling ferns.

You find the sweet scent and colorful petals of frangipani. Your guide points to the orange and yellow hues of mangoes growing in the trees, explaining that a mango tree means a village is close. The jeep stops and you continue into the valley on foot, searching for the remains of the temples, villages, farms, and tombs that pepper the landscape with 2,000 years of cultural history. You push through the jungle brush, ascending the lush hills. Your guide cuts a thick vine away from the trees.

You put your mouth beneath the vine to taste the fresh water spilling from the aboveground root. You pass avocado and grapefruit trees to discover an open-air stone temple known as a marae.  A raised altar made from smoothed coral represents a religious platform once used for sacrifices. The feature dates back more than 1,000 years and overlooks the western shoreline, standing above a rocky edge. Near the end of the your trek, your guide gathers a porous lava stone on which to cook a fresh mahi mahi.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, tour, accommodation

Day 3: Bora Bora – Adventures on the Lagoon

The juicy yellow of a ripe mango accompanies the aroma of a fresh cappuccino at breakfast. You can’t help but think of the turtle petroglyphs adorning the sacred temple grounds you discovered the previous day in the jungle terrain. Today you give your muscles a rest with a cruise around the stunning lagoon, meeting your guide in the lobby after the meal. Board the boat on the resort’s private dock to begin your private journey around the indigo and turquoise hues of the crystal clear waters.

The wind carries the sea spray onto your cheeks, offering a refreshing mist beneath the tropical sunlight. The boat anchors near the edge of one of Bora Bora’s famous coral gardens that acts as a barrier between the sea and the island shores. You look back at the heart of Bora Bora to find Mount Otemanu towering above the coastline with a distinctive leaning peak. Jump into the water for your first snorkel experience on the island. The warm South Pacific Sea feels inviting. Schools of angelfish swim below.

The dorsal fin of bannerfish wiggles and dances in the current like a streamer alongside the reaching branches of the vibrant coral. You return to the boat and continue your adventures in the water with a distinctive aquabike excursion. The machine acts like a scooter beneath the sea with your head safely inside an oxygen-rich bubble. You travel over mounds of brain and cactus coral reaching out from the seafloor. Moray eels poke their head out from a cave in the reef. Clown fish hide in the tendrils of purple anemones, highlighting the intricate details of life under the sea.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 4: Bora Bora – Caves and Mountaintops

In the morning, the aroma of coconut permeates the air, drifting from the palm trees along the shoreline. After the meal, you return to the heart of the island to follow the trails to the peak of Mount Pahia, the second largest summit on the island at more than 2,150 feet above sea level. The tropical heat fills the valley. You listen to the trickling water of a nearby river. Your guide leads you along the blossoming frangipani and the white petals of Tahitian gardenias. The aroma of vanilla orchids settles over the trail as you pass beneath the purple and red hues of the unique tropical flower.

Women in a small village set beside mango and avocado trees hand-dye their sarongs to imitate the vivacious colors of the island. You find traces of jasmine drifting through the air. The tree line changes to the low-lying brush in view of the summit. A cave opens at the base of the basalt pillars. You scour up the smooth but steep ascent to the cave to find views of the indigo lagoon spreading to the cobalt colors of the sea. A thick rope helps you gain your balance as you reach the plateau beneath the rocky summit. Your guide offers the sacred history of Ana o Pea cave, which represents the goddess of the air.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, accommodation

Day 5: Bora Bora – The Air and Sea of Bora Bora

The breeze rustles the thistles dangling from your overwater bungalow’s thatched roof. You listen to the sounds of the lagoon lapping against the wooden posts, enjoying the gentle soundtrack to your time in a quiet tropical paradise. After a breakfast decorated with the bright colors of guava and dragon fruit, you step aboard a boat for a sensational parasailing tour along the lagoon. The speedboat glides over the indigo waters and causes the lagoon to splash over the hull of the boat.

The overwater bungalows shrink in the distance but the peak of Mount Otemanu remains strong and dramatic in the sky above the island. Your guide secures your seat in the parasail and you drift into the air like a kite attached to the boat by a sturdy rope. You listen to the breeze supporting the sail and notice the gorgeous view of Bora Bora. In the distance, you can see the outline of Raiatea, a nearby French Polynesian island.

The breeze is refreshing on your cheeks and the cool, fresh air carries subtle hints of the sea, coconuts, and hibiscus, the most prominent fragrances you’ve noticed since arriving in Bora Bora. Your guide reels the parasail back to the boat where you relish the scenic journey back to the resort. The day continues at Marine Turtle Protection Centre, which is connected to the Meridien Bora Bora Hotel. Your guide leads you through the conservation project, showcasing the baby turtles swimming in a saltwater pool and rehabilitated turtles ready for release into the protected lagoon.  

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 6: Bora Bora – The Island Heights

The peak of Mount Otemanu looms above the shores of Bora Bora, embodying adventure. The basalt cliffs shimmer with streaks of silver and black in view of your private deck. Hibiscus and orchids bloom in the jungle below and coconut palms along the shore guide your eyes up to the soaring summit. After a delectable breakfast of fragrant sweet passion fruit and guava, you follow your guide along the coast. You listen to the light waves splash against the mixture of sandy beaches and rugged points.

Paddle boarders glide over the lagoon and kitesurfers catch the breeze and sail into the air. Your guide leads you first to Faanui Bay, where a World War II defensive gun remains, continuing to protect the southwestern edge of the bay. The US navy planted the large and now rusted guns to help defend the islands against Japanese forces. You continue inland, leaving the jeep behind for the walking trails. The foliage at the heart of the island has become familiar and comforting.

The scent of frangipani and coconut helps guide you through the valley. Your guide points to wild pig tracks. You look into the canopy to find a red-tailed tropicbird, known for its white plumage and pink and black tint around the eyes. Its red tail feather trails behind like a banner as the bird flies away. You reach the shoulders on which the basalt cliffs of Mount Otemanu rise. The solid rock and sheer drop makes it impossible to scale. Vines and moss blanket the flat summit and dangle down the sides. The peak stands at nearly 2,400 feet above sea level and offers a breathtaking view of the lagoon, sea, and coastline around the island.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, tour, accommodation 

Day 7: Bora Bora – A Different Perspective of Bora Bora 

Wake up early and set out to the marina at Vaitape to board a boat bound for the open water. As the boat weighs anchor and pulls away from the bustling marina life, you look back to the island and watch the majestic peak of Mount Otemanu fade. You can’t help but think of the time you spent scaling the jungle terrain and ascending the rugged hills to be rewarded with a stunning view of the water. Today you follow the water and enjoy a remarkable view of the mountains on the horizon.

The calm South Pacific turns shades of cobalt. The luxury boat allows you to enjoy the scenic ride along the water. You can see the shores of the island of Raiatea to the east. You step out onto the deck to bask in the cool breeze. The air retains a hint of coconut drifting from the island shores, along with vanilla emanating from the plantations of Raiatea. Your skipper stops the boat and points out to sea. A fin of a humpback whale reaches out of the water.

It gracefully glides back down with a small splash. You continue to look into the distance where the fin had emerged. A humpback whale breaches the surface of the South Pacific, showing more than half of its 52-foot long body. The whale flops back into the water, causing a ripple effect that rocks the boat. You linger on the water and continue to search for playful whales on the water before arriving on the powdery-white sands of a motu, an islet. Relax in the shade and enjoy the aroma of grilling mahi mahi for a picnic lunch.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, tour, accommodation

Day 8: Bora Bora – Mountains Behind the Horizon

In the morning, you enjoy the comforting tropical aromas of fresh papaya and colorful guava. Indulge in the refreshing flavor of a fresh cappuccino made from beans cultivated on the ridges of Mount Otemanu. In Vaitape, the pearl shops open to displays of the precious black or white stones glinting beneath the soft light. The Central Market fills with vibrant sarongs, luscious produce, and the scent of fresh juices made from oranges, passion fruits, and mangos. Your private transfer escorts you from the resort to Bora Bora Airport when you are ready. As your flight ascends, you can look back at the dramatic peaks of Otemanu and Pahia to watch them fade behind the horizon as you make your way home.

What’s Included: breakfast, airport transfer 


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