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Medical Emergencies

If a medical emergency strikes are you prepared? Many health insurance policies don't cover international travel and very few offer any coverage for emergency evacuations.*

Unexpected cancellations

Life can be unpredictable. If you need to cancel for work, illness, or any other covered reason, the flexibility travel insurance offers can make a world of difference.

Weather, Natural Disasters, Terrorism

It's impossible to predict the weather. Inclement weather, natural disaster, or a recent terror attack could leave you and your vacation in limbo.

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*You must purchase your plan within 21 days after your initial trip payment to be eligible for coverage for pre-existing conditions (other provisions apply).
What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a collection of insurance coverages to help protect you and your companions from unanticipated problems before or during your trip. Travel insurance policies can often differ in coverages, and reimbursement levels. Some of the more popular policies provide coverage for trip cancellation and interruption due to covered injury or sickness (including injury or sickness of a family member, travel companion or business partner), medical expenses and emergency evacuationslost baggage, and cancellation for work reasons

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Who Needs Travel Insurance?
In answer to this question, The Wall Street Journal wrote:

"Anyone who has nonrefundable expenses at stake that it might hurt to forfeit. If you're going to hurricane-prone areas, it's wise to insure your trip. The same goes if you're traveling outside your home health-care network. Medicare, for example, doesn't cover travelers abroad. So it's best to either have a supplemental or gap medical plan that covers travel, or buy travel insurance with medical and medical-evacuation coverage."

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