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Sri Lanka Travel Review: Colombo, Culture & Cuisine, Art & Architecture, Beach Relaxation


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flavio d.

I had traveled with my wife through Sri Lanka with this travel agency for about 12 days in August 2015. Since day one - way before we started our journey - the travel agent has had an impressive presence in defining the itinerary. The active role of our reference person was not only very useful, fast, and effective... Read more

Luxury Southeast Asia Vacation Review: Sri Lanka, Thailand, Colombo, Sigiriya, Phuket Cave Kayaking, Ayutthaya Wats Tours


by traveler 

Susan M.

The trip went flawlessly and the itinerary which was selected for us was perfect.  We had enough space to do some things on our own, but the big "must-do"'s were taken care of.  We had a fantastic time and never had to worry about how we were going to get somewhere, where we would stay, or what we would do.  We... Read more